## On Startups

Working in a startup is not is easy, it’s not symmetrical and it certainly is not fun. Startups do not work in a specific methods, or management techniques which we have practiced and learned during our MBA’s or expensive time management diplomas.

I have worked in a quiet a few startups, build some on my own, few of them went big while others failed. Thats how I learned the basics of management in startups and polished my marketing skills.

In the follow up blog posts I will share some of the methods I learned about marketing in a startup enviornment, pivoting on different methods and solutions to various problems that we faced during the launch of one of the biggest competitive intelligence tools in the world. It revolutionised the way digital marketers worked and I played my role of being a part of that team which took the product form a startup to a multi-million pound company.

# Doing everything

Master of all were good to haves in 2001 not anymore, not any longer. Unfortunately master of all end up doing everything and never finish that something which they are very good at. I know these are strong words but that is how it happens. I say it because I have seen it and I myself have done it in the past.

Startups have very small teams where everyone does their assigned task, they do it well so that they can quantify the progresses and pivot the strategy as necessary.

Another way it to view this quality is to be flexible towards organisations requirements but still practice those special set of skills that you are passionate about. They help you stay focused on building the startup in that particular area whilst taking care of other small tasks at hand.

So unless you can take the pressure of jugging a lot of things and still be very result driven on what you do best, startups are the best place for you.

I hope to share many other insights, some product related some marketing that shaped my career in the upcoming write-up’s.